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Virginia Tech's vigilant professor of English is a true leader

Philip French
Sunday April 22, 2007
The Observer

The following correction was printed in the Observer's For the record column, Sunday April 29 2007

In the article…

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The poet presents three works; the poem "April 16, Blacksburg, Virginia" about the Virginia Tech shootings; the poem "at a former lover's graveside" about the death of those we have loved and "the taste" a new song by his…

Written by Al Shoemaker
In memory of those who died at Virginia Tech, May they always be with us

This poem is dedicated to all that were lost,
Because someone wanted power and lives were the cost

For all the ones that sat there in…

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I woke up today

This mirror doesn't reflect me
No one that I know of
Has time passed so quickly?
Did you give the final shove?

Save us from evil
Save us from evil

Is this what I've become?
A heart left untouched
My wounds have…

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We know not your name
We know not your height
Nor your weight
Nor your burdens
The things that brand you

We know not the reason
We know not the thoughts
Nor the sorrow
Nor the regret
The things that brand you

We know not who…

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Weeping At the Mount

The Lord is weeping at the mount
What has happened to his dreams?
He prayed and prayed for a single purpose
That we would live in peace
After generations and generations we have forgotten
That little thing called…


They lost their life on that fateful day
April 16th together we pray.
No motive, no means, to commit such a crime.
What began a Monday morning,
lost like a drop of a dime.

A community, our school,

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"Not Forgotten"

Time has narrowed,
increasing so fast.

With no escape,
nothing will last.

32 ever so freightened,
broken hearts are vast.

Fear building courage,
their moment shall never…
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