VT: In Memory of Virginia Tech


VT: In Memory of Virginia Tech


<b>Written by Al Shoemaker
In memory of those who died at Virginia Tech, May they always be with us</b>

<i>This poem is dedicated to all that were lost,
Because someone wanted power and lives were the cost

For all the ones that sat there in fear,
For all the ones that shed many tears,
And for the ones who lost their loved ones, so kind and dear

We give a salute to all of them that tried to protect,
From a foolish madman that had a defect

Admiration should be given to all those that went to a better place,
Because their bravery shined, that moment they looked death in the face

For all the ones that suffered grief,
We hope very much that their pain will only be brief

Many sat there in caution, petrified like stone,
As that bad man took many lives, before he took his own

This is for all the ones who managed to stay so strong,
During that horrible moment, that felt so very long

They had to be so brave, to be so filled with hope,
And we wish good for the families, who are now trying to cope

Now is the time to spread peace and love,
In remembrance of the ones that now float above

No one knows why this era has already become such a sad time,
But now we must stand up, to prevent such similar crimes

We must stop other things from going on now,
How this became such a scary world, no one really knows how

We need to stop murders, racism, gang violence and gay bashing,
And we need to stop theft, violence, and window smashing

So let&#39;s help all the victims, families, and survivors and show that we all care,
Help them on their feet and help them recover from this scare,
And clean this death and sorrow out of our air,

So now we want to give love, to those whose dreams were wrecked,
And everyone else, who was there at Virginia Tech</i>


<b>Author&#39;s Comments</b>

It was very tragic, what happened a few days ago at Virginia Tech, so I wrote this poem in honor of the victims, survivors, families, and everyone else related to Virginia Tech, and to inspire others to help the cause. May all the lost ones rest in peace.


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