Weeping At The Mount


Weeping At The Mount


Weeping At the Mount

The Lord is weeping at the mount
What has happened to his dreams?
He prayed and prayed for a single purpose
That we would live in peace
After generations and generations we have forgotten
That little thing called love
While God chose his Son, one and only begotten
So that we may simply come
Instead we choose to see ourselves
Instead of looking out
Light turns a dark shade of greed
We have turned from love, without a doubt
Taking what isn't ours, what others need
Lives, money, property and jewels
Like honey to our eyes
We turn from wisdom, and become great fools
While the Lord is weeping at the mount
What happened to what we shared?
Everyday is new, let's turn around
Let's show each other extra love and care!

*Every time a murder or robbery happens, we're throwing stones at Jesus on the cross! Don't brush this off, because hate, jealousy and anger we hold on to are also forms of throwing stones!


Kelly Warren




Kelly Warren




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