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Issue date: 4/18/07 Section: News
Matthew K. Ing
Ka Leo Editor in Chief

Two days ago, the University of Hawai'i at Manoa, to many students, felt like a relatively safe academic environment. But after Monday's massacre at Virginia…

Ken Shold, an NIU almunus and father of a current student, sheds tears while praying in front of Cole Hall on Saturday, Feb. 16, 2008, on the Northern Illinois University campus in DeKalb.

Feb 16, 2008 @…

Sonia Rao
Issue date: 4/18/07 Section: News

In light of the Virginia Tech shooting tragedy Monday, student body president Liz Brown asked members of the Council of Representatives (COR) for input Tuesday on how the Notre Dame student body could…

ND students directly affected by shootings through ties to VT

Aaron Steiner

Issue date: 4/17/07 Section: News

Virginia Tech is more than 500 miles from Notre Dame, but the effects of what reports call the deadliest shooting rampage in U.S.…

ssue Date:Tuesday April 17, 2007
Section: Editorial Section

By Monday afternoon, the nation was shocked by the tragedy that occurred at Virginia Tech.

At least 32 people were killed and more than 20 were left wounded in the nation's…

By: Jennie Tal

(May 2) Amanda Blevins is just like any other high school senior. She's excited about getting away from home, meeting new people and just enjoying her college experience.

But Blevins won't be just any other college…
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