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Sonia Rao
Issue date: 4/18/07 Section: News

In light of the Virginia Tech shooting tragedy Monday, student body president Liz Brown asked members of the Council of Representatives (COR) for input Tuesday on how the Notre Dame student body could…

By: Tess McBride | News reporter
Issue date: 4/20/07 Section: News

During the two minutes of silence held Thursday around noon for the victims of the Virginia Tech tragedy, more than 150 heads hung low while many students and community members…

Issue Date:Thursday April 19, 2007
Section: HeadLine News Section
By Tricia Fulks, Staff Writer

There was an overwhelming turnout at Wednesday night's vigil in Woodburn Circle for those lost in Monday's tragedy at Virginia…

Lessons learned on the 8th anniversary of Columbine.

-- Diane Edbril and Daniel Loeb

Yet another American gun massacre, and though the scale is more horrific, it is not surprising. The Virginia Tech massacre is not unlike the Amish schoolhouse…
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