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Tech students are happy with proposed design

By: Bryan Schamus

(June 7) Virginia Tech released its plans today for an intermediate memorial for the victims of the April 16 shootings, one day after announcing that Norris Hall, the site of 31 of…

By: Jennie Tal

(May 2) Amanda Blevins is just like any other high school senior. She's excited about getting away from home, meeting new people and just enjoying her college experience.

But Blevins won't be just any other college…

A student perspective

By: Bryan Schamus

(June 6) I will admit that I once uttered the statement, "There is no way any student should have to walk through that building again."

Norris Hall being "that building" - the site on campus at…

More than 20 news outlets toured the April 16 shootings site

By: Amy L. Kovac

(June 14) The cinderblock walls of Norris Hall's second-floor classrooms and hallway are covered with a new coat of cream-colored paint. The classrooms…

Local knitters will gather Saturday to make blankets for the affected of April 16

By: Amanda Mullins

(June 15) When the owner of Mosaic, a local Blacksburg yarn store, first started talking about Hokie Healing, she probably wasn't…

By: Amrita Raja

(April 16) "April is the cruelest month," wrote T.S. Eliot. He might have been right, I recall thinking, as I watched snow land on flashing police lights this morning.

There must have been a reason I flopped back onto my bed…

Shootings stun campus

By: Michael Hippchen

(11:50 a.m., April 16) While this morning's shootings on Virginia Tech's campus may have come to an end, with one shooter apparently have been captured, things are far from returning to…

By: Shamus Williams

(April 16 -- 11:55 a.m.) I am on campus as we speak and am under lockdown in Shanks Hall, which is located on the opposite side of campus from the shootings. But it is still too close for comfort.

I was in class, working…

By: Shamus Williams

(April 16) Well, I'm back safe and sound in my off-campus apartment. It has been a very scary and hectic past couple of hours to say the least.

We were released at noon, but it was not an assisted evacuation as we…
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