Students participate in VT Tech t-shirt fundraiser


Students participate in VT Tech t-shirt fundraiser


By Kristi Oberholzer
Copy Editor

Thanks to a good idea from a caring Auburn student, Operation: Passion has started what hopes to be a successful fundraiser for victims of the Virginia Tech shootings.

Jordan Towns, a junior majoring in animal sciences pre-veterinary studies, created Operation: Passion as a response to the events at Virginia Tech on April 16. Being the T-shirt chair for Sigma Alpha, a professional agricultural sorority, Towns immediately knew how to organize the fundraiser.

"I got the idea that we need to do something to help those people, and this was the first thing that came to mind," Towns said.

Operation: Passion aims to raise money for the Hokie Spirit Memorial Fund, established to aid in costs for memorials and counseling, as well as communication and comfort expenses for the friends and family members of victims.

Students and community members are encouraged to go to the Concourse and in front of Comer Hall, where they can order a maroon and orange shirt which commemorates the date of the incident. Each shirt costs $11. The shirts are shipped within a couple of days and are available for pick-up at the same locations.

Master Graphics, located off of South Gay Street, printed the T-shirts for Operation: Passion. The corporation provided a discount rate to Towns to help with the donation.

"I can't say enough about Master Graphics," Towns said. "They've been so wonderful."

The developing organization has a few volunteers and recruits assisting in dispersing the orders. Through word of mouth, Towns hopes to gain more helpers.

Prospective faculty advisers include Dr. Elizabeth Wagner, assistant professor of animal sciences and Dr. William Hardy, the assistant dean of the College of Agriculture and Virginia Tech alumni.

Operation: Passion hopes to become a university organization in the fall semester. The group plans to aid other organizations like Impact and the World Food Programme.

Hunter Stone, a senior majoring in agronomy and soils, heard about Operation: Passion through Facebook, and contributed to the fundraiser.

"Well, I'm good friends with several Virginia Tech folks," Stone said. "If this money can go to them, it's the best thing I can do with my income."

With enough interest, a third order can be placed, and T-shirts will be handed out at the same locations with the date to be announced. If you are interested in buying a T-shirt, you can e-mail Towns at with your name and shirt size. If you will not be residing in Auburn during the summer, T-shirts can be shipped to your mailing address with a additional $3 charge.


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