Our View: Tragedy strikes Virginia Tech


Our View: Tragedy strikes Virginia Tech


We cannot begin to imagine what the community is going through, but we do know they stood strong in the face of terrible acts of violence.

We would like to specifically recognize the Collegiate Times, the student newspaper at Virginia Tech, for its excellent news coverage as the rest of the University faced crisis.

While the entire school was in a state of shock, the newspaper's staff managed to provide up-to-date information on the paper's Web site, and we want the paper to know their efforts did not go unnoticed.

As student journalists, we can understand the horror of working through the greatest school tragedy in history.

Many members of The Plainsman staff referenced that site throughout the day to get the latest information, and we are proud of these strong students.

As the details of the tragedy continue to be released, we have confidence the newspaper will continue its excellence in reporting.

While we watched in shock as the tragedy unfolded, we began to wonder what we would do if something like this happened at Auburn.

We discussed the safety measures at Auburn, and we began to realize that is is almost impossible to prepare for an emergency situation of this magnitude.

It is the kind of situation that takes one by surprise in the worst way imaginable, and we feel no amount of preparation could have completely prevented the events at Virginia Tech Monday.

We commend everyone involved in the tragedy for the efforts they put forth to help the Virginia Tech community.

Again, we offer our deepest sympathies to everyone affected by the events on Virginia Tech's campus, and you will remain in our thoughts.


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