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By Kristi Oberholzer
Copy Editor

Thanks to a good idea from a caring Auburn student, Operation: Passion has started what hopes to be a successful fundraiser for victims of the Virginia Tech shootings.

Jordan Towns, a junior majoring in animal…

By: Laura Chapman
Posted: 4/17/07
The university community was stunned Monday morning when a gunman killed more than 30 people, including students, at Virginia Tech University in Blacksburg, Va.

Though more than 1,000 miles separate the…

By: Chris Rosacker
Posted: 4/18/07
Students will gather tonight in remembrance of the school shooting that shocked the nation on Monday.

A candlelight vigil will be held tonight at 8:30 p.m. at the Nebraska Union Plaza to honor the victims and…

By: Johnny Perez
Posted: 4/18/07
As the campus of the Virginia Polytechnic Institute awoke to a changed world this morning, new developments emerged about the alleged gunman whose shooting spree claimed 33 lives, including his own.

His name was…

By: Marypat Heineman
Posted: 4/19/07
Nebraska Union Plaza was silent for a few moments Wednesday night as hundreds gathered in solemn remembrance.

The candlelight vigil was organized in honor of the tragic Monday shootings at Virginia Tech in…

By:Christopher Rodgers
Posted: 4/19/07

Guns, when put in the right hands, can be a good thing

This mass murder at Virginia Tech is a perfect example of how important an armed populace can be. Before you fly off the cuff, I am not promoting…

By: Andy Boyle
Posted: 4/20/07
A man called in a bomb threat to Othmer Hall around noon Friday, university officials said.

Authorities did not find any explosives during an initial search of the building. After being closed for about two hours,…

Posted: 4/23/07
Last week was one of tragedy as schools and universities across the United States faced the terror of threats of bombs and shootings on their campuses.

The events of April 16 have brought the issues of gun control, freedom,…

By: Cyndi Waite / Junior film studies major
Posted: 4/23/07
Guns kill people. People kill people. Guns help people kill people.

It's an inevitable truth that firearms in the wrong hands lead to the deaths of innocent people. As a nation, as…

By: David Smith / Junior horticulture major
Posted: 4/23/07
Naturally, with the recent atrocity that occurred in Virginia at a college campus not unlike ours, there has been talk of tighter gun control and even outright bans to stop such incidents…

By: Andy Boyle
Posted: 4/23/07
An unknown man called in a false bomb threat to Othmer Hall around noon Friday.

The engineering building was closed for about two hours to students, faculty and staff members while authorities searched for…

By: Chris Rosacker
Posted: 4/24/07
In light of the Virginia Tech shootings, the University of Nebraska-Lincoln's 1992 failed campus shooting and Friday's bomb scare at UNL's Othmer Hall, some people are calling for a re-evaluation of…

By: Jake Meador / Freshman English major
Posted: 4/25/07
The heroes of the Protestant Reformation had an old saying that man is simultaneously both saint and sinner, and the truth of this statement is impossible to argue. In the 20th century alone…

By: Ryan Norman
Posted: 4/25/07
Events such as the Virginia Tech shooting can be hard on some students. Besides psychological services, students seeking counseling can also find help at campus ministries.

Cornerstone Church at the University of…

By: Adam Templeton
Posted: 4/26/07
The recent shootings at Virginia Tech have caused many to worry about a backlash against South Korean students.

However, Korean students at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln say acts of discrimination have not…

By: Jake Meador / Freshman English major
Posted: 4/30/07
When I first sat down to write my column after the massacre at Virginia Tech on April 16, my thoughts were two-fold: First, to write a column advocating stricter gun control. Second, to write…

By: Andy Boyle
Posted: 4/30/07
Bomb threats, drunken drivers, pot smokers and thieves.

Those are just of the few problems university police dealt with during the past year.

Capt. Carl Oestmann of University Police said he thinks major…

By: Jay Carlson / Junior electrical engineering and mathematics major
Posted: 8/6/07
While watching the evening news this week, we heard brilliant accounts of heroism in response to the Interstate 35W bridge collapse into the Mississippi River.…

By: Ryan Norman
Posted: 8/23/07
With the looming arrival of the fall semester at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, University Police are preparing for the increased number of on-campus students.

University Police are hoping to stay ahead of…

By:Editorial Staff
Posted: 8/29/07

This summer, University Police, in cooperation with Information Services and University Communications, implemented a new software system called UNLAlert, most likely in response to the April shootings at…
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