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By: Melissa Daniels
Posted: 4/17/07
The doors to Hendricks Chapel remained open on Monday, with a candle lit at the end of an aisle. Chaplains were available throughout the day, willing to talk to anyone who wished to enter.

The Virginia Tech…

By: Kris Miller
Posted: 4/19/07
How do you think Syracuse University would respond to a shooting like the one at Virginia Tech? What could we do differently to make ourselves safer? These questions must be addressed immediately.

The university…

By: Dave Arey
Posted: 4/25/07
Hours after the Virginia Tech shootings, people were already looking for something to blame.

Fox News had on lawyer and "school shootings expert" Jack Thompson, an infamous critic of video games. He gave the dubious…

By: Melanie Hicken
Posted: 4/26/07

April 16, 2007. Another day to mourn. Another day Americans will never forget.

But while the Virginia Tech community begins the healing process after the largest massacre in U.S. history, college campuses…

By: Melanie Hicken
Posted: 4/26/07

Oklahoma City. Columbine. 9/11.

For a generation that came of age during such memorable acts of violence, tragedy is not new. But for the largest fatal shooting in U.S. history to occur on a college campus…

By: Shannon Pittman-Price
Posted: 4/26/07

Last week, the worst school shooting in American history happened on the campus of Virginia Tech. The day after the shooting, most students went to The Daily Orange to read the coverage on the shootings.…

By: Melanie Hicken
Posted: 4/26/07

The first shooting at Virginia Tech happened at about 7:15 a.m., yet classes continued - a decision questioned by many in the last week.

Right or wrong, it has led many Syracuse University students to ask:…

By: Melanie Hicken
Posted: 4/26/07

As more information rapidly becomes available through media reports, it has become quite clear Virginia Tech shooter Seung-Hui Cho was deeply troubled.

He had few friends. He had harassed several female…
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