Virginia Tech | SU counseling center resources


Virginia Tech | SU counseling center resources


By: Melanie Hicken
Posted: 4/26/07

As more information rapidly becomes available through media reports, it has become quite clear Virginia Tech shooter Seung-Hui Cho was deeply troubled.

He had few friends. He had harassed several female students. A counselor had recommended involuntary commitment. A judge had ordered a mental evaluation. A doctor had declared him mentally ill. But he was not committed, and rather was to have outpatient mental health treatment, according to an article in The New York Times.

It is unknown whether he ever attended.

Though no one can know if treating Cho could have prevented the tragedy, Syracuse University officials say they urge anyone who feels they or a friend needs counseling of any kind to contact the Syracuse University Counseling Center at any time.

The center offers a full range of mental health services, including regular counseling, a 24-hour crisis line and training to the campus community, said Rebecca Dayton, director of the counseling center. The center also offers consultations, in which anyone with concerns about an individual can be given advice on how to help them.

"Dealing with someone who is emotionally distressed is often very difficult," said Dayton, who co-chairs the Critical Incident Management Team. "People often don't know what to do."

Dayton said in the end, she believes counseling centers do the best they can.

"We do out best," she said. "I think we do a really good job of listening to and attending to and giving people appropriate resources and intervening at the appropriate time."

But even then, it may not always be enough, she said.

"Nobody can predict human behavior," she said. "It's complex. Human behavior and human emotions are incredibly gray."


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