Virginia Tech | How are classes canceled?


Virginia Tech | How are classes canceled?


By: Melanie Hicken
Posted: 4/26/07

The first shooting at Virginia Tech happened at about 7:15 a.m., yet classes continued - a decision questioned by many in the last week.

Right or wrong, it has led many Syracuse University students to ask: Who would make such a decision at SU?

At SU, the decision would be a group effort made by Chancellor Nancy Cantor, Vice Chancellor Eric Spina and the Logistics Committee, which is headed up by SU Chief Financial Officer Louis Marcoccia and made up of representatives from various university departments (see: "What is the Logistics Committee?").

"Clearly what we have on the committee is broad representation from across campus," Marcoccia said. "It's a group that we hope can provide us the right kind of advice on any decision we would have to make."

Cantor said she had little doubt classes could be canceled and students notified of this "very quickly" in the case of an immediate threat situation. The most recent cancellation of classes - a half-day cancellation due to snow - worked as a good practice for the system, Cantor said.


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