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Candlelightvigil_with Jewish Community .JPG
My wife (Nina), Katie (son's fiancee), her friend Rachel and I attended the Candlelight Vigil @ the drillfield after the events of 4/16. We happened to meet w/ some of the Jewish Community (Sue Kurtz, her husband, Alicia Cohen and others) @…

Joshua Runyan

As a university and nation began the transition from shock to mourning one day after the deadliest shooting attack in American history, the network of more than 100 campus Chabad Houses declared a "Week of Goodness and…


Manny Frishberg • JTNews Correspondent

On the morning of April 16, Dr. Liviu Librescu, a 76-year-old Holocaust survivor and aeronautical engineering professor, blocked the door of his classroom in Norris Hall at Virginia Tech so that…

The Jewish community mourns with Virginia Tech.

-- Daniel Loeb

The deadliest campus shooting in the history of the US occurred on Monday, April 16 at Virginia Tech. The tragic shootings at Virginia Tech happened on the day Jews all over the…
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