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After reading Kurt Vonnegut's "Slaughterhouse Five," my 11th grade English teacher asked us, "Is death meaningful?" The question forced us to think about the line that appeared over and over in Vonnegut's book, the line that appeared after…

By: John Tuzcu
Posted: 4/24/07
In the week leading up to the Virginia Tech massacre where 32 people were senselessly killed, there also happened to be Iraqi people being massacred in the bloodbath of Iraq. Five hundred Iraqi men women and children…

Weeping At the Mount

The Lord is weeping at the mount
What has happened to his dreams?
He prayed and prayed for a single purpose
That we would live in peace
After generations and generations we have forgotten
That little thing called…

By Philip Grant

Dear Chancellor Drake,

My most heartfelt sympathies are also with those affected by the terrible events of last week at Virginia Tech.

I write to you nonetheless not merely to share my sympathies with you,…

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The poet presents three works; the poem "April 16, Blacksburg, Virginia" about the Virginia Tech shootings; the poem "at a former lover's graveside" about the death of those we have loved and "the taste" a new song by his…
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