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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Cho Seung-Hui, a 23-year-old senior majoring in English at Virginia Tech, has completed his transformation from Clark Kent to, well, Rambo. Having killed and maimed over thirty people, in a calculated and merciless way,…

Tuesday, April 17th, 2007

By now, I’m sure everybody has heard of the tragedy that took place yesterday, Monday April 16, at Virginia Tech University. Words cannot adequately convey the profound shock and sadness that I feel about this…

Pic 038b.jpg
The Blacksburg Baptist Church posted 32 flags on South Main in remembrance of the 32 victims. In addition, the Church did not want to neglect Cho and his family.

Photo Courtesy of Chad Newswander

By Zhang Xin
[ 2007-04-24 15:42 ]

Last week, in the immediate aftermath of the Virginia Tech shootings, some people apparently tried to stick it on Korea, or China, or Asia in general, all on the strength of such weak arguments that Cho…

Sunday April 22, 2007
The Observer

Julia Pryde is not a household name. She was a 23-year-old graduate biology student who wanted to encourage recycling at the cafeteria at Virginia Tech University. Her face is not as universally known…

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Image made for the newspaper I work at (Nyhedsavisen). Asking questions like "was the evil or just haunted? Was it something in his head or the society around him?"

Kinda funny... A few months ago this was a guy I'd…

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Thursday, April 19. 2007
As all of America mourns the deaths which occurred on the Virginia Tech campus, bloggers are drawing comparisons to the body count that issues daily from Iraq. See a particularly poignant post from Floyd Rudmin of…

Cho Seung-Hui's Memorial.jpg
Text of Note #1:


I hope that if I ever meet anyone like you I will have the courage and strength to reach out and change his or her life for the better.

I hope your family is able to get through the misery they are in because of…

Cho Seung-Hui's Hokie Stone memorial on the drillfield. Photo taken Thursday, June 14.

Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0.

As a medieval historian, one rarely feels that his expertise can shed some light on a current debate. But I teach at Virginia Tech.

Now that the semester is over and there is time to reflect, I have been struck by how "medieval" the events of this…

In the Aug. 26 Roanoke Times, reporter Duncan Adams had a news story that succinctly wrapped up what we knew about Seung-Hui Cho at that point, before the Virginia Tech Independent Review Panel released its final report. The article, "There was…

By now the subject of Virginia Tech has been much publicized and probably hackneyed. We talk about lax gun control laws, wasted lives, disturbed young men and how we wish things like these would never happen again. In my previous entry[link], I…

Thursday, April 19th, 2007

Following up on my last post about Seung Hui Cho, the Virginia Tech gunman, the evidence that’s coming out seems to suggest that among other things, he felt ridiculed for his social class background (at least in…

Saturday, April 21, 2007

"this is a lesson for all o. i think those American parents should learn a lesson or 2 from this. with the way their kids tease other people of different nationalities. i went to school abroad as well, and i can tell you…

Justify it as you like, I cannot think of Cho Seung-Hui as anything other than a murderer. A lot has already been said about the subject, so apart from the links to his plays here[link], I won't be saying much.

The content of his plays being…

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Sunday, April 22nd, 2007

At the risk of overanalyzing the events surrounding the shootings at Virginia Tech last week, I would like to offer one last set of observations. In my previous posts, I've acknowledged that certainly, there are many…

Identifican al agresor como un estudiante de Corea del Sur.

Publicado por Diario la Raza

Washington, D.C. — La policía de EE.UU. identificó como el autor de la matanza en la universidad virginia tech al estudiante surcoreano…

Beauty and Depravity | eugene cho's blog []
Like everyone else - here [Seattle], there [Virginia], West [United States, East [Korea], and everywhere, I am trying to make sense of something that is simply - senselesss. Personally,…

Cho's Hokie stone is littered with notes.

Original source:

Photo Courtesy of Kevin Cupp

Jonathan Watts in Goyang
Friday April 20, 2007
The Guardian

The brooding silence of Cho Seung-hui was so impenetrable it disturbed his family even when he was growing up in South Korea, relatives of the Virginia killer told the Guardian…
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