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By: Matt Williams
Posted: 5/7/07

On April 18, 2007 President Richard Joel hosted this semester's town hall meeting on the Beren Campus at 215 Lexington. The assembly was attended by more than one hundred students, and although the vast…

In wake of tragedy, students reflect on shootings that rocked community, describe "fearful environment"

Jordan Dods and Courtney Kessler, Cavalier Daily Associate Editors

Only in her worst nightmares could Nicole Shyti have anticipated the…

UNC community feels connected to Va. Tech

Hokie maroon and orange dotted the solemn crowd Tuesday night as hundreds from the Carolina community turned out in support of their peers at Virginia Tech.

At a candlelight vigil organized by three UNC…

By Felicia Daniels
Sun Staff Writer
Apr 19 2007

Brenda Scinto '87 was in her bedroom studying in 1983, when two freshman women, Young Hee Suh '87 and Erin Nieswand '87, were fatally shot in the room above her by 26-year-old Su Yong…

Posted: 4/19/07

When news of the Virginia Tech massacre broke Monday, to say that students across the country were on edge is an understatement. The horror and randomness of the event forced students to take a step back and examine…

By Jean-Lou Chameau, Institute President
Thursday, April 19, 2007

We live in a time when tragedies occur almost daily in the world. They trouble us; however, many of them seem so distant that they do not affect us deeply, although they should.…

By Yang Yang
Thursday, April 19, 2007

Some found out when they checked the morning news, only to be greeted with horror; others learned about it when concerned parents began calling. The rest discovered the gruesome news when fellow students…
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