Caltech grieves for VA Tech student victims


Caltech grieves for VA Tech student victims


By Jean-Lou Chameau, Institute President
Thursday, April 19, 2007

We live in a time when tragedies occur almost daily in the world. They trouble us; however, many of them seem so distant that they do not affect us deeply, although they should. The tragedy experienced yesterday on the Virginia Tech campus is one that is affecting all of us more deeply because it took place in a community we understand and cherish. Violence of young people against young people is tragic--impossible to truly comprehend, but especially shocking in a university environment. The university years provide a unique period in the lives of young people, a period when they can learn, experience, and interact with others in freedom and safety. Our thoughts today should be with the Virginia Tech community, and especially with the families of the victims. We grieve for them. As we learn to adjust to this event, our commitment and energy should remain focused on assuring that universities like Virginia Tech and Caltech remain safe, free environments where young people can prepare themselves for life.


Original Source: <a href=""> The California Daily - April 19, 2007</a>


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