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Este es el propósito de la web para el día 30 de Abril, intentar que miles de bloggers en todo el mundo detengan su maquinaria incesante de producción en honor a las víctimas de la masacre…


Vineri, 20 Aprilie 2007

De ieri, el este Cetatean de Onoare - post mortem, al municipiului
Cea mai oribila crima savarsita vreodata intr-un campus universitar din SUA - dupa cum a fost caracterizat atacul armat de la Universitatea Virginia Tech,…

Data publicarii: 21/04/2007

Profesorul israelian de origine romana Liviu Libreanu, ucis in masacrul de luni de la Virginia Tech, a fost inmormintat vineri in Israel.

Zeci de persoane au asistat la funeralii in cimitirul din orasul Raanana, din…

By Zhang Xin
[ 2007-04-24 15:42 ]

Last week, in the immediate aftermath of the Virginia Tech shootings, some people apparently tried to stick it on Korea, or China, or Asia in general, all on the strength of such weak arguments that Cho…

By: Zak Kazzaz
Posted: 4/23/07
Early Friday morning, Duke University Police Department received an anonymous bomb threat for Bell Tower Dormitory and another building, which does not exist.

The threat-received through a telecommunications device…

The shooting at Virginia Tech is undeniably one of the worst tragedies American students have ever faced. Stories of heroism make their way out of the situation, but the media is focused on the death and destruction caused on the campus of Virginia…

By: Zach Kun Lin Han
Posted: 4/19/07

The massacre at Virginia Tech gripped the nation the way Hollywood films always do.

Except that it wasn't a film. The slayings were real, brutal and heartless. And while the gunman shot "randomly," it…

Students at University of New Hampshire gather after a vigil to sign a banner which will be sent to Virginia Tech.

Original source:

Photo Courtesy of Zac Lowel

People brought handmade gifts and flowers to the drillfield memorial site to mourn and pray for the victims every day.

Numerous people visited the Hokie stone memorial site on the drillfield. They placed flowers and gifts around this memorial site. We will always remember the victims.

A lot of wreathes and flowers were placed besides the Norris Hall. People also wrote solace messages on the posters and set them with the flowers.

Photo taken April 24,2007

In front of the Norris Hall,people placed different flowers there every day after the shooting.

Photo taken April 19,2007

Several tribute posters were collected from the Virginia Tech community. Later, these posters were posted around the Graduate Life Center of VT.

People placed flowers,candles and gifts under the tree near the Norris Hall to mourn for the victims.

Photo taken April 18,2007

스키조 키즈(Schizo kids)는 문자 그대로는 정신분열에 걸린 아이들이라는 의미로 ì •ì‹ ê³¼ 치료의 대상이다. 그러나 구조주의 계열의 현대 철학에서 스키조 키즈는 정주(定住)를 거부하고…

By: Yoni Noble
Posted: 5/7/07

April 16th, 2007, the awful day when a disturbed student killed 32 people at Virginia Tech, will be forever etched in the Jewish consciousness. Liviu Librescu, professor of aeronautical engineering and a survivor of…

자그마치 33명의 목숨을 앗아간 미국 버지니아텍 총기난사 사건 소식을 접한 이 학교 동문들은 충격에 휩싸였다.

2000ë…„ 이 학교에서 박사학위를 받은 강연수 한국교통연구원…

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버지니아공대 학생회는 18일 한국의 노무현(盧武鉉) 대통령과 주미 한국 대사관이 버지니아 총격 참사 이후 즉각적인 관심과 애도를 표명한 데 대해 감사의 뜻을 표했다.

이 대학…

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미국 버지니아텍 총기 난사 사건으로 숨진 희생자들의 넋을 기리는 추모 문화제가 21일 밤 서울광장에서 열린다.

선진화국민회의와 재향군인회 등 200여개 보수 성향의 시민단체는 이날…

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찰스 스티거 버지니아 공대 총장은 20일(현지시간) 이 대학 한국 학생들이 아주 우수하다며 조승희군 총기 난사 사건으로 이들의 동요가 없도록 적극 노력하겠다고 밝혔다.

스티거 총장은…

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