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These are two of the rocks painted for the "Healing Through Art" projects on 4/16/08. A room in Squires Student Center was dedicated to painting kites and rocks. The painted rocks were then placed outside for people to take.

Photo by Brian…

The Moon-After,
Virginia Tech Memorial

(2007) 40"x30" oil on canvas

It is the first time the full moon is observed after the massacre of Virginia Tech. For many, the moon will never look the same again.

This is a quest to extract the…

This picture was painted by Marilyn Rogge and sent without explanation to VT. Steven Estrada, formerly of Prevail Archives, said of the painting, "It has become the symbol of letting go."

we will prevail.jpg
A simple painting with a powerful message: We will prevail.

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Photo courtesy of Roger Gupta
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