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The week after the shooting, people placed bunches of flowers in front of the Norris Hall to express their sadness.

Norris Hall has been sealed off as the police conduct its investigation.

Photo Courtesy of Dana Burman

A student perspective

By: Bryan Schamus

(June 6) I will admit that I once uttered the statement, "There is no way any student should have to walk through that building again."

Norris Hall being "that building" - the site on campus at…

More than 20 news outlets toured the April 16 shootings site

By: Amy L. Kovac

(June 14) The cinderblock walls of Norris Hall's second-floor classrooms and hallway are covered with a new coat of cream-colored paint. The classrooms…

Crime Scene.jpg
Individuals have placed flowers and other items at the crime scene outside of Norris Hall.

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