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Posted: 4/20/07

Just days after the tragic shooting at Virginia Tech, NBC made the inappropriate decision to release videos of killer Cho Seung-Hui angrily ranting about the reasoning behind his crimes.

Cho had sent a…

By:Adan Berkowitz
Posted: 4/18/07

In the wake of the tragedy at Virginia Tech, there's going to be a lot of people asking why this happened, or what could have been done to prevent this or keep it from happening in the future. I think pundits…

Posted: 4/19/07

When a chilling multimedia package containing 27 video clips, 43 still pictures, a 23-page document and one audio clip composed by cold-blooded Virginia Tech murderer Cho Seung-Hui arrived on NBC's doorstep at…

I'm from Virginia, and I know students at Va. Tech. I've been watching the irksome news coverage.

Death is always sad, but the silver lining is that it brings people together. Solidarity is why people are so compelled to tune in, and while…

Letters to the Editor
The forest for the trees

Tragedy struck at Virginia Tech Monday. Unfortunately, the sadness of events is not only in the actions themselves, but also in the reactions. I want to assert that we still need to keep an eye on…

By Mark Humphrey
Monday, April 23, 2007

It's no secret that the news media exercises bad judgment at times.

Granted, we, as journalists, try to make informed decisions about what to cover and how. For example, during summer training at the…
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