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By Paige Greenberg
Contributing Writer
March 17, 2008

New York Yankees Manager Joe Girardi and shortstop Derek Jeter are two of the most recognized names in New York. Girardi, who replaced the historic Joe Torre, is entering his first spring…

After the intermediate memorial dedication ceremony, interviews such as this one were commonplace. But while there was clearly a media presence at this event, it was subdued in comparison to the immediate aftermath of April 16.

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Haiyan Cheng,who experienced the shooting with her students in the Norris Hall on April 16 was talking with the journalist.

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Though reporters roamed the campus, many were confined to the far back end of campus, in the parking lot of the convention center. CNN's two main reporters can be seen sitting at left, facing a camera. The one on the left had begun crying on air…

An reporter pauses, thinking, while talking with a Tech student.

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