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Second Life Memorial to the slain at Virginia Tech.

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Amid the chaos of what is already being called the Virginia Tech massacre, the Internet was a steady flow of fairly accurate information. Blogs — typically the anti-news source — were what helped piece together the…

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Tonight (4/16) at 8pm SLT, turn the grid dark, midnight in rememberance of those lost in the Virginia Tech mass murder. There will be a candelight vigil in the Kula Coloseum from 8pm until midnight. Monument by Perefim Coa.

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At about 15 PM SLT/PST 16 April 2007 a group of Second Life residents started working on a memorial space for the VT-tragedy. People from all over the world helped out. This shapshot shows the InfoIsland memorial at 18 PM PST 16 April 2007 and the…
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