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Alumnus defends administrators' actions but says he understands complaints

By Cornelia Hall
Princetonian Staff Writer

Richard Benson '73, dean of the Virginia Tech College of Engineering, has spent the last three days…

By Uwe E. Reinhardt
Princetonian Columnist

Students gathered in Richardson Auditorium last night for a service in memory of the victims of Monday's shooting at Virginia Tech," reported The Daily Princetonian on April 18. A day earlier,…

Beauty and Depravity | eugene cho's blog []
Like everyone else - here [Seattle], there [Virginia], West [United States, East [Korea], and everywhere, I am trying to make sense of something that is simply - senselesss. Personally,…

The Jewish community mourns with Virginia Tech.

-- Daniel Loeb

The deadliest campus shooting in the history of the US occurred on Monday, April 16 at Virginia Tech. The tragic shootings at Virginia Tech happened on the day Jews all over the…

Posted by Dale Peskin | April 23rd, 2007

Unaware of a shooting in a dormitory that left two people dead, Virginia Tech graduate student Jamal al Barghouti headed across campus to meet with his advisor. Nearing Norris Hall he ran into police, guns…

By Anonymous

The shooting at Virginia Tech serves as a tragic reminder of the importance of a strong campus community, one in which people know and look out for each other. In the wake of this event, it is important that we make sure that all…
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