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News | Sarah Mogin

Wednesday night, students and faculty gathered by the Fence. In the midst of the cold and windy weather, 70 hands cupped 70 flickering flames as the Carnegie Mellon community mourned the victims of the Virginia Tech…

The focus of a discussion between public safety officials on area crime issues quickly turned to Virginia Tech at the 2007 Chapel Hill-Carrboro-Orange County Forum sponsored by WCHL.

The forum was intended as an opportunity to discuss local…

By Sarah Singer
Sun City Editor
Apr 18 2007

Cornell responds to recent tragedy at Virginia Tech

Yesterday, several university officials hosted a media call-in where they discussed safety and security on the Cornell campus in the aftermath of…

By Owen Fletcher
Princetonian Staff Writer

About a week before last week's shootings at Virginia Tech, the University made the prescient purchase of a mass alert system to notify students of campus security crises.

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