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We cannot begin to imagine what the community is going through, but we do know they stood strong in the face of terrible acts of violence.

We would like to specifically recognize the Collegiate Times, the student newspaper at Virginia Tech, for…

Virginia Tech tragedy causes campus safety issues to surface at AU

By Bethany Kirby
Assistant State & Local Editor

One question has probably crossed every college student's mind in the last three days.

What if it had happened to…

Auburn University.jpg
Auburn University shows its support for the victims of Virginia Tech. This memorial whiteboard was located at the Drill Field.

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Licensed under Creative Commons…

By Sarah Brock
Senior Reporter

Less than 24 hours after Auburn students created a sign to show support for the Virginia Tech community, the sign was resting on the Drillfield at Virginia Tech's campus thanks to a late-night drive by two…

Students sign poster for Virginia Tech.
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