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While holding one of the victim's Hokie Stones, Jerzy Nowak - Virginia Tech Professor and husband to victim Jocelyne Couture-Nowak - embraces another attendee at the April 16th Memorial dedication ceremony.

Photo courtesy of Kim Peterson and…


Photo taken April 21, 2007.


Photo courtesy of Brian Sewell.

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In a tent reserved for friends and family of victims at the memorial dedication ceremony, two men embrace, one of them holding a victim's Hokie Stone. Photo taken August 19, 2007.

Photo courtesy of Kim Peterson and Virginia Tech University…

A group of women gather in a circle at the April 21 community vigil/picnic on the drillfield.

Photo Courtesy of Ivan V. Morozov

Visitors to the memorial on the drillfield embrace and reflect. Photo taken April 20.

Photo Courtesy of Ivan V. Morozov

A young man and woman - likely students - are locked in an extended embrace after the close of the dedication ceremony for the intermediate memorial. Photo taken August 19, 2007.

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