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Major media outlets ranging from business publications to political magazines cover the Virginia Tech tragedy.

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These warnings are posted everywhere on campus buildings to ward off the media from attending class when the students returned.

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A Reuters cameraman films students walking across the drillfield.

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Though reporters roamed the campus, many were confined to the far back end of campus, in the parking lot of the convention center. CNN's two main reporters can be seen sitting at left, facing a camera. The one on the left had begun crying on air…

The parking lot of the convention center bristled with satellite dishes. Dozens, maybe hundreds, sprouted from the tops of the vans.

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An reporter pauses, thinking, while talking with a Tech student.

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Media trucks are seen everywhere on campus.

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An individual mourns and pays respect to the victims at one of the memorial sites on the drill field.

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By Behzad Varamini
Apr 25 2007

Gain Through Loss

Hours after students cowered behind desks and played dead in hopes that Virginia Tech killer Cho Seung-Hui would spare their lives, minutes after the body count was made public and started to…

Apr 30 2007
Re: "CUPD Assesses Campus Safety," News, April 18

To the Editor:

Thank you for the article "CUPD Assesses Campus Safety." In some ways, it made me feel a little bit safer knowing about the heightened security. However, it made me…

By Billy McMorris
Apr 17 2007

John Manetta Once Told Me

In early modern Europe the infant mortality rate was astronomical. Crude medical practices led to a high casualty rate for mother and child alike. In many cases, new mothers would be…

Major media outlets interview students, faculty, and staff.

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By: Anthony Galanos
Posted: 4/20/07

The media coverage of the tragedy at Virginia Tech is rewarding insanity and complicating grief. But there are 32 families, and an entire university who are grieving. Not sad, not upset, not disgruntled... but…

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The media need our help to shift their focus from murderers and violence to the compassionate healing journeys of victims' families:

After the Virginia Tech tragedy, the president of the American Psychiatric Association, Pedro Ruiz, wrote an…

Posted by Dale Peskin | April 23rd, 2007

Unaware of a shooting in a dormitory that left two people dead, Virginia Tech graduate student Jamal al Barghouti headed across campus to meet with his advisor. Nearing Norris Hall he ran into police, guns…

Joseph (Joe) Librescu, the son of Liviu Librescu, the teacher who protected his students at the cost of his own life in the Virgina Tech killing spree yesterday, sent a heart-felt message to all readers.
"I am professor Librescu's son…

April 17th, 2007 by Dan Gillmor

(Note: This will appear tomorrow as an op-ed piece in the Washington Examiner newspaper.)

Once again, horror has given us a glimpse of our media future: simultaneously conversational and distributed, mass and…

Recorded Thursday, April 19 (24 MB MP3)
We've decided to scrap tonight's planned show (about language post-Imus) in favor of a show about the visual reverberations of the Virginia Tech shooting. Our central prod came from the trusty barthjg,…

By Tamara K. Nopper | 04.19.2007

April 17, 2007

Like many, I was glued to the television news yesterday, keeping updated about the horrific shootings at Virginia Tech University. I was trying to deal with my own disgust and sadness, especially…
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