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Memorial stone of Liviu Librescu on 4/16/08.

Photo by Brian Sewell.


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Items left at the memorial plaque of Liviu Librescu on the drillfield. Photo taken on 5-1-07.

Photo by Teri H. Hoover.

This wood carving was one of four items hanging outside of the Perspective Gallery in Squires. It was created by an artist from Dickerson County, Virginia to honor Professor Librescu. It is made from the same kind of curly maple used for Gibson…

I was a liason to an injured student in Dr. Librescu's class. She was injured from the jump out of the window, not a bullet. The student and her family believe that Dr. Librescu's actions saved her life. Her aunt was the artist. Her aunt…

Identifican al agresor como un estudiante de Corea del Sur.

Publicado por Diario la Raza

Washington, D.C. — La policía de EE.UU. identificó como el autor de la matanza en la universidad virginia tech al estudiante surcoreano…

Actividades en honor a los fallecidos marcan el regreso a virginia tech

Publicado por María Luisa Azpiazu

Washington, D.C — Mucho dolor, impresionantes minutos de silencio y 32 campanadas en memoria de las víctimas de…

Photo: INA / Andy Princz

Liviu Librescu's wife Marilena is comforted by their son Arie, while son Joe stands to the left, at Librescu's April 20 funeral in Israel. Librescu's body was buried at the Kfar Nachman cemetery of the central…

Photo: INA / Andy Princz

Liviu Librescu's sons Arie and Joe at their father's funeral, which was held in Israel on Friday, April 20. The funeral was attended by some 500 friends, family members, foreign diplomats and others who came to the…

By Joel Leyden
Israel News Agency

Jerusalem ----April 21...... "Daddy, tell me the story again," said the 6-year-old girl. "Tell me how he saved the big children."

It had been hours earlier in this pristine, palm tree lined Ra'anana…

Photo: INA / Andy Princz

The body of Liviu Librescu, wrapped in a white and black prayer shawl according to Jewish tradition, shown prior to his April 20 funeral in Israel. Librescu will be buried at the Kfar Nachman cemetery of the central Israel…