Virginia Tech appreciates support from UNC friends


Virginia Tech appreciates support from UNC friends



I am a Hokie.

I finished my degree work at Virginia Tech in 1974, and in all these years, I have never regretted my choice to go to Blacksburg. I became the man that I am there.

To have this ugly nightmare play out in my emotional home, is a desecration of my special place. The hurt, the disgust, is beyond my ability to express.

We are Virginia Tech.

I could not be more proud of the current generation of Hokies living and learning at Virginia Tech than I am today. The clarity of thought and action, the selflessness, the love for one another, the support, the unanimity of the University in the face of this "monumental horror," helps me and all VT grads everywhere. I can see where this current generation of Hokies is growing up at Tech.

We are the Hokie Nation.

When we celebrate, we do it together. When we cry, we cry together. When we need to, we close ranks, hunker down, and face our problems together. And we help each other to keep on going. But as we do just that, we also wonder: Does anyone else even understand what is happening to us?

My son is growing to manhood at UNC and has kept me informed of activities there. I have heard of the ribbons being worn, in maroon and orange. I have heard of the message posters being signed by so many of you, expressing support and love. And I have heard of your candlelight service, in memorial to those whose lives were snuffed out before being able to live our motto: "That I May Serve."

I have passed news of this to my Hokie colleagues, and the effect on us is profound. You have touched where we live. You understand what is happening to us.

We welcome our Carolina cousins into our family, into our nation, with open arms - and great thanks. We are the Hokie Nation. You are the Hokie Nation. For today, we are ALL Hokies.

Damon Wilson
Virginia Tech Class of 1974


Damon Wilson




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