Tragedy Enters Our World


Tragedy Enters Our World


Tragedy enters our world
so much when it is least expected
How do we endure
The heartache after the catastrophe has occurred
We cling to our loved ones
If we are the blessed ones to survive
Yet we still are questioning
And are seeking to understand why we are left and why not me
Whether the catastrophe is far away in a big city
Or close to home in a place we would never imagine
The fact remains the world is changing
The world is not as it once was and it never will be again
We can sit and stare at news coverage seeing the events unfold
Over and over again yet the dark cloud looms
The solace and reality remain in our minds
Our nation has yet again suffered setback that again we must prevail
Let us not forget our freedom, Old Glory,
the infamous red, white, & blue
While we have been robbed, ripped and reminded of tragedy
Let us yet again remember our renewed fight for America

Kimberly B. Clemons
April 17, 2007


Kimberly Clemons




Kimberly Clemons




Kimberly Clemons, “Tragedy Enters Our World,” The April 16 Archive, accessed July 16, 2024,