Campus mourns the lives that were lost


Campus mourns the lives that were lost


The university community gathered in remembrance of the violence at Virginia Polytechnical University in a candle vigil last Thursday.

Faculty, staff and students from Hamline's various colleges were all present. Over 120 people were in attendance, including multiple university administrators.

The vigil included members of the religious community including university chaplain Theresa Mason, Rabbi Esther Adler and Bishop Rosalyn Carol. Bishop Carol said her goal is a world where no "people are dying because we do not live and love each other." Carol also said that the community at the university needed to celebrate the fact "that we are truly brothers and sisters."

Poems in Hebrew and English were read, as well as psalms from the Christian Bible, Torah and Qur'an. Communication professor Suda Ishida performed a traditional Buddhist ritual, asking all present to link arms with the person beside them as water was poured from a basin unto the base of a tree.

Adler spoke of a Virginia Tech professor and Holocaust survivor Liviu Librescu, and questioned his destiny.

"Was April 16 his appointed purpose or just a cruel irony?" she said.

CLA Sophomore Emily Hager-Garman led the choir in a version of "Oh, Jerusalem" and a faculty member from the Graduate school sang parts of the African national anthem.

President Linda Hanson was visibly moved by the display of student and staff solidarity. Many in attendance were moved to tears as the names of the departed were read aloud and a bell on loan from Hamline United Methodist Church was tolled as each name was said. In addition, the student who led the Tibetan Buddhist invocation invited the community to create Tibetan prayer flags which were to be hung up outside Bush Library. The Tibetan prayer flag is a piece of cloth with a message for the living and departed. Many of the messages included words of hope, forgiveness and mourning.

The service ended as the clock tower on Old Main ominously tolled 5 p.m.

Compiled by Chris Matter and staff reports


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