People Already Profiting from Virginia Tech Shooting (Updated)


People Already Profiting from Virginia Tech Shooting (Updated)


Posted On: April 16th, 2007

<b>Normally that would take at least a couple days.</b>

The sad state of the domain squatting industry, and society in general, is that after a horrible shooting a bunch of "business people" sprint to grab up every VT shooting/massacre domain possible.

If your first thought upon seeing the news of this horrible shooting, is "Oh crap, how can I make money off of this?", then you need to get off the computer because the internet has completely warped your ability to care for other people.

After noticing that domains were popping up right after recent tragedies like Katrina, I was curious how often these tragedy induced domain buying frenzies actually happen, and the results were <a href="">naturally disgusting and not surprising</a>. This latest VT tragedy is just a <a href="">long history of people snatching up tragedy domain names</a> immediately and then selling them off later for a profit.

<b>The domains that were immediately purchased within 20 mins of the shooting are:</b>

<strike><b>Special Note: is still avilable! Hurry, you too can profit from other people&#39;s suffering!</b></strike>


The first domain is already up for sale already. These poor kids aren&#39;t even in the ground yet and this guy is already making his money: (Copy and paste if you want, I&#39;m not linking to their auction.)

Not only has <b> </b> been taken quickly after posting this, but the following domains were grabbed up as well ( is probably the worst): <a href="">Source 27BStroke6 on Wired</a>


<b>Also, thank you to the dozens of people including (Washington Post, Univ of Kansas, Wired, Hipinion, and others) who have referenced my blog and did not just steal my content!</b>


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