Reclaimed Spirit


Reclaimed Spirit


This piece of art entitled, "Reclaimed Spirit", was accompanied by the following message from the artist:

"This work of art is hand forged totally from reclaimed materials. The feathers were forged from angle iron reclaimed from metal pallets from a local tractor dealer. The feathers are attached to a steel ring, the remnants of a feeding device found in a cow pasture. The letters VT are fabricated from square tubing again reclaimed from metal pallets, this time from a local compressor manufacturer. The ribbon of steel was recovered from an old abandoned farmhouse foundation. The copper scroll was formed from what was a door kick plate in its previous life. The paint and finish were the only items purchased new.

Truly green art, as the materials are recycled or reclaimed, so goes the victims' spirit. There are 32 turkey gobbler feathers that represent the 32 victims. They are placed in a circle or wreath shape that symbolizes the circle of life. The wreath encircles the VT logo and ribbon. The ribbons' colors are maroon, orange, and black rather than white to symbolize the darkest day in VT's history. The letters VT were finished to match the feathers to signify that VT's Spirit is with those victims. Finally, the copper scroll represents the Honorary Degrees given to all the victims in pursuit of higher learning.

This "Reclaimed Spirit" is a tribute to the memory of the 32 innocent students and faculty members who were tragically taken from our Hokie Nation. It is up to those of us left behind to do what we can to "Reclaim their Spirit".

Contributed by; Hunter C. Perkinson Jr., Alumni 1980

Bradford C. Van Horn, Alumni 1980"

Photo taken at the April 16 Memorial on April 15, 2008.

Photo by Brent Jesiek.

Licensed under Creative Commons
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