Artwork with stones


Artwork with stones


One of the items on display at the Alumni Center Art Exhibit. On 4/16/08, as part of the Day of Remembrance observance, the Holtzman Alumni Center Museum displayed examples of art, crafts, quilts, and other memorabilia contributed since April 16, 2007. This is one of over 60,000 items that will eventually go to Special Collections at Newman Library.

This piece of art by Farhan Abouassali was accompanied by a letter of explanation that said:

"The first analysis is the earthy tangible section represented by a building with three dimensional look stones to resemble the colors and the look of most of the Virginia Tech buildings on campus.

Second, the colors of the Hokies flowers that represent the student or the Hokies who raised their hands to the sky waving goodbye to their Hokies friends.

Third, the 32 fallen Hokies, the victims of the tragedy being grouped together with the sun in ceremonial cession, and they all making a complete circle. The 32 Hokies spirits shape half of the circle and the sun completes the other half. The ceremony is to prepare spirits of the victims to the second life or to eternity.

Fourth, the representation of a superior life, and the space that carry the spirits to heaven is manifested in the upper part of the painting.

Finally, the gradual change of Hokies colors from the bright orange to the dark maroom is meant to be so obvious and not to blend completely. I intended the shades of the colors to show and resemble the skyline of the new river valley with the shapes of the mountains all around it."

(the first 2 lines of the letter were not visible at the exhibit.)


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