Room 206 by Cameron Girard


Room 206 by Cameron Girard


To Students, Faculty, Staff and Friends at VTU:

On April 16th 2007, a day before my 16th birthday, a tragedy that you know all too well struck your campus, your city, and the entire United States. I received our local paper and couldn't believe what I read. I tried initially to shake off the event and continue with my own life, but I couldn't. My mind was constantly filled with questions... "How?"... "Why?" To help articulate my thoughts, I took this newspaper and over the next few weeks wrote the song contained on this CD. For mostly selfish reasons I put to words and music what I've observed through my 16 years on this earth. These lyrics aren't meant to have a complex political or religious meaning; rather they should be taken just as a straight forward observation. I hope that this song can help comfort and heal those that need it, and to put at ease a few questions that April 16th 2007 left heavy in your hearts and minds.

Cameron Girard
Chelsea, Michigan

(Submitted by Cam's dad, Tom Girard)


Cameron Girard




Tom Girard




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