32: In Honor of Virginia Tech


32: In Honor of Virginia Tech


Did that really happen that April spring day?
When 32 lives in an instant were swept away?
That terrible day: 32 lives lost, ended too soon;
The day Heaven was draped in orange and maroon.

Blacksburg's winds that day roared loud and sweeping -
That was the tortured sound of God Himself weeping.
That tragedy turned all of humanity into pallbearers:
A heartbreak so painful, strangers became mourners.

A nightmare too horrific for words, just grief;
All of us clinging to our precious belief
That hope will shield us from our worst fears;
But for that day, that time, there were only tears.

That day we hugged a loved one a little tighter
And sought the hope to make our souls stronger;
We learned you will never be alone, whatever you do,
As long as there are people who care about you.

We grieved together, all united with one noble heart;
Whatever we could do, we wanted to do our part.
If I could share my soul, my strength with another,
I would, we all would, if only because he is my brother.

Whoever we were, wherever our loyalties lay,
The individual ceased to matter that gruesome day.
One phrase brought the world closer together solemnly:
"Today we are all Hokies!" we proclaimed proudly.

Tragedies may shape us but they cannot define us,
As long as we care for each other in times of distress.
Some wounds may heal; some scars may last forever -
Thirty-two gone but not forgotten: We will always remember.

May 7, 2007


Mike Fox




Mike Fox





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