Report of the Virginia Tech Review Panel


Report of the Virginia Tech Review Panel


<p><b>Mass Shootings at Virginia Tech
April 16, 2007

Report of the Review Panel</b>

Presented to

Governor Kaine
Commonwealth of Virginia
August 2007

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<a href="/mirrors/techPanelReport-docs/3 ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS doc.pdf">Acknowledgements</a> (pdf, 51kb)

<a href="/mirrors/techPanelReport-docs/4 SUMMARY OF KEY FINDINGS.pdf">Summary of Key Findings</a> (pdf, 72kb)

<p><ul id="obj" style="margin-left:1em;">
<li>I - <a href="/mirrors/techPanelReport-docs/5 CHAPTER I BACKGROUND AND SCOPE.pdf">Background and Scope</a> (pdf, 100kb)</li><li>II - <a href="/mirrors/techPanelReport-docs/6 CHAPTER II UNIVERSITY SETTING SECURITY.pdf">University Setting Security</a> (pdf, 647kb)</li><li>III - <a href="/mirrors/techPanelReport-docs/7 CHAPTER III TIMELINE OF EVENTS.pdf">Timeline of Events</a> (pdf, 103kb)</li><li>IV - <a href="/mirrors/techPanelReport-docs/8 CHAPTER IV LIFE AND MENTAL HEALTH HISTORY OF CHOpdf.pdf">Mental Health History of Seung Hui Cho</a> (pdf, 280kb)</li><li>V - <a href="/mirrors/techPanelReport-docs/9 CHAPTER V INFORMATION PRIVACY LAWS.pdf">Information Privacy Laws</a> (pdf, 156kb)</li><li>VI - <a href="/mirrors/techPanelReport-docs/10 CHAPTER VI GUN PURCHASE AND CAMPUS GUN POLICIES.pdf">Gun Purchase and Campus Policies</a> (pdf, 111kb)</li><li>VII - <a href="/mirrors/techPanelReport-docs/11 CHAPTER VII DOUBLE MURDER AT WAJ Hall .pdf">Double Murder at West Ambler Johnston</a> (pdf, 297kb)</li><li>VIII - <a href="/mirrors/techPanelReport-docs/12 CHAPTER VIII MASS MURDER AT NORRIS HALL.pdf">Mass Murder at Norris Hal</a>l (pdf, 399kb)</li><li>IX - <a href="/mirrors/techPanelReport-docs/13 CHAPTER IX EMERGENCY MEDICAL SERVICES RESPONSE.pdf">Emergency Medical Services Response</a> (pdf, 855kb)</li><li>X - <a href="/mirrors/techPanelReport-docs/14 CHAPTER X OFFICE OF THE CHIEF ME.pdf">Office of the Chief Medical Examiner</a> (pdf, 175kb)</li><li>XI - <a href="/mirrors/techPanelReport-docs/15 CHAPTER XI AFTERMATH.pdf">Immediate Aftermath and the Long Road to Healing</a> (pdf, 177kb)</li></ul></p><p id="nq">Appendices</p><p id="nq"><ul id="obj" style="margin-left:1em;"><li>A - <a href="/mirrors/techPanelReport-docs/17 APPENDIX A - Executive Order 53 2007.pdf">Executive Order 53</a> (pdf, 932kb)</li><li>B - <a href="/mirrors/techPanelReport-docs/18 APPENDIX B - Individuals Interviewed by Research Panel.pdf">Individuals Interviewed by Research Panel</a> (pdf, 94kb)</li><li>C - <a href="/mirrors/techPanelReport-docs/19 APPENDIX C - Public Meeting Agenda.pdf">Public Meeting Agenda</a> (pdf, 155kb)</li><li>D - <a href="/mirrors/techPanelReport-docs/20 APPENDIX D - Recommendations on Methodology.pdf">Recommendations on Revised Methodology</a> (pdf, 79kb)</li><li>E - <a href="/mirrors/techPanelReport-docs/21 APPENDIX E - Guidelines for Choosing Messaging System.pdf">Virginia Tech Guidelines for Choosing Alerting System</a> (pdf, 54kb)</li><li>F - <a href="/mirrors/techPanelReport-docs/22 APPENDIX F - Excerpts from VTs ERP.pdf">Active Shooter Excerpt from University of Virginia Emergency Response Plan</a> (pdf, 65kb)</li><li>G - <a href="/mirrors/techPanelReport-docs/23 APPENDIX G - Letters from Dept of Education.pdf">Guidance Letters on Interpretation of FERPA and HIPAA Rules from U.S. Department Of Education</a> (pdf, 5.85MB)</li><li>H - <a href="/mirrors/techPanelReport-docs/24 APPENDIX H - Explanations of Firpa and Hipaa Laws.pdf">Summary of Information Privacy Laws and Guidance from U.S. Department of Education</a> (pdf, 87kb)</li><li>I - <a href="/mirrors/techPanelReport-docs/25 APPENDIX I - Potential Buyer Forms.pdf">Federal and Virginia Gun Purchaser Forms</a> (pdf, 2.87MB)</li><li>J - <a href="/mirrors/techPanelReport-docs/26 APPENDIX J - Notification of Adjudication.pdf">Notification of Adjudication of Involuntary Commitment or Incapacitation</a> (pdf, 512kb)</li><li>K - <a href="/mirrors/techPanelReport-docs/27 APPENDIX K - Article on Mixture of Guns and Alcohol on Ca.pdf">Articles on Mixture of Guns and Alcohol on Campus</a> (pdf, 790kb)</li><li>L - <a href="/mirrors/techPanelReport-docs/27 APPENDIX L - Fatal School Shooting in the US.pdf">Fatal School Shootings in the United States: 1966-2007</a> (pdf, 1.75MB)</li><li>M - <a href="/mirrors/techPanelReport-docs/28 APPENDIX M - RED FLAGS WARNING SIGNS AND INDICATORS.pdf">Red Flags, Warning Signs and Indicators</a> (pdf, 68kb)</li><li>N - <a href="/mirrors/techPanelReport-docs/29 APPENDIX N - CHO PROFILE.pdf">A Theoretical Profile of Seung Hui Cho</a> (pdf, 48kb)</li></ul></p>

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