Campus Saftey Measures Must Be Sensible


Campus Saftey Measures Must Be Sensible


By: Daily Campus Editorial Board
Posted: 4/24/07
The tragic shootings at Virginia Tech have provoked much discussion regarding measures to avoid future heartbreak. Perhaps the events in Blacksburg hit close to home in Storrs because of the similarities of the size and nature of the communities. Numerous measures have already been called for, some of which would entail strict regulation of the movement of people over campuses, including sign-in sheets and metal detectors. College campuses are open areas, and to restrict the movement of students over such a large area is both improbable and impractical. While the issue obviously needs to be addressed, any response must be reasonable, practical and not overbearing.

Thankfully, events like this are rare. Due to this, it is impossible to detect when or where an individual may be driven to commit such an atrocity. It is equally impossible to plan for every eventuality. Regardless of the number of safeguards that may be enacted, it is impractical to expect to prevent something like this from happening again.

Some hold counselors culpable for not taking appropriate action. It is extremely unfair to expect anyone to preempt this sort of tragedy by identifying and deterring those who may be likely to commit acts of violence. Even if violence were prevented, there would be no way to prove it was and anyone who took action would be open to liability imposed by our litigious culture. This threat of repercussion understandably causes most to pursue self-preservation rather than taking risks that may or may not save lives.

Despite the inability to prevent, there may be more passive measures to keep people out of harm's way if such an incident does occur. Some deaths may have been prevented by a campus-wide notification system. Much of the campus was not aware that a shooting was ongoing. UConn currently has a call box system, the blue light emergency phones around campus, in place to allow distressed individuals to contact the UConn Police Department. This system could be programmed to put out audible and visual alerts there was a public danger. Another possibility is for universities to text message subscribers to an emergency alert program. Cell phone numbers could easily be taken during the beginning of semester registration. This way the message could be dispersed quickly and efficiently to the majority of those who carry phones. An attractive point of both measures is that they would remain inconspicuous until utilized. While safety is paramount, it is important to enable the living to continue living freely, and overt security measures would do nothing but remind students to live in fear.


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