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A book in Modern Languages that will be sent to Virginia Tech from the University of Waterloo.

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Display in our Student Union Building at The University of British Columbia.

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Squires Student Center is filled with posters, message boards, flowers, and other items that universities, businesses, and other places around the country have sent to Virginia Tech.

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We here in Virginia at William & Mary, we felt a shock wave go thought out our campus on Monday . Many of our students went to high school with the victims, but just being in the same kind of environment made us feel vulnerable and…

Students at University of New Hampshire gather after a vigil to sign a banner which will be sent to Virginia Tech.

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Photo Courtesy of Zac Lowel

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A banner hangs on a bridge at William and Mary.

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Photo Courtesy of Tom MacWright

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These are the flowers that were left at the site of the Virginia Shooting Memorial Service at Texas State University - San Marcos.

Photo taken by Troy Vega

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