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President 183.jpg
This photo captured Liviu Librescu's hokie stone.

Photo Courtesy of Garry Thompson

By: Yoni Noble
Posted: 5/7/07

April 16th, 2007, the awful day when a disturbed student killed 32 people at Virginia Tech, will be forever etched in the Jewish consciousness. Liviu Librescu, professor of aeronautical engineering and a survivor of…

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Several individuals left personal notes at Liviu Librescu's Hokie Stone.

Photo courtesy of Chad Newswander

I was a liason to an injured student in Dr. Librescu's class. She was injured from the jump out of the window, not a bullet. The student and her family believe that Dr. Librescu's actions saved her life. Her aunt was the artist. Her aunt…

The area around Liviu's stone is filled with flowers, notes, and other items.

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Photo courtesy of Carol Brandt
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