Tech in 'riot' mode


Tech in 'riot' mode


<i>Shootings stun campus</i>

By: Michael Hippchen

(11:50 a.m., April 16) While this morning&#39;s shootings on Virginia Tech&#39;s campus may have come to an end, with one shooter apparently have been captured, things are far from returning to normal on campus.

Classes have been cancelled for the remainder of the day and students were told to remain in their dorms with the doors locked.

I was walking to my class at 10:10 and I heard six shots fired from the Norris area, which was about 200 yards away.

While standing in the middle of the Drillfield, I heard students screaming then running out of the academic buildings across the Drillfield, as well as cops running toward Norris Hall.

During the evacuation, the campus was in full-blown riot mode. I did not feel safe at any time that I was out on the Drillfield, as well as when I was walking back to my dorm.

My friend, Jordan Littauer, said he didn&#39;t know what was going on.

"I was sitting in my Econ class, and a girl next to me got an Instant Message saying that cops questioned her roommate about a shooting that happened on her hall," said sophomore Jordan Littauer.

"I didn&#39;t know shooting was going off at all. I heard students running and screaming all over campus."


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