Virginia Tech - Personal Update for Ryan and his family


Virginia Tech - Personal Update for Ryan and his family


Apr 16th, 2007 by <a href="">Ryan Lanham</a>

For those who know I am at Virginia Tech, both my family and myself are accounted for and uninvolved in any way in the shooting.

Local sources (channel 7) report 22 dead. (see update at least 31...)

I was in Burruss Hall and heard gunshots at approximately 10AM.

I spoke with one associate who reported having to evacuate Norris by stepping past or over a fatality.

I have no other first-hand information other than to report that both my family and myself are safe.


The worst shooting incident in American history apparently occurred within earshot of my office. When we had huddled in my boss Minnis Ridenour&#39;s office, we heard gun shots around 10AM.

The tragedy is obviously considerable. People I know well are reporting on national and international news.

My neighbors and friends who are EMTs treated the wounded both from the 7:15AM dorm shooting and from Norris. For local friends, Sue O. was at the Burger King doing triage. The schools locked down early and people on campus acted admirably.

We are, here in Blacksburg, VA, some 40 miles from the nearest small commercial airport at Roanoke, VA. To have something occur like this in a place of rural beauty at a campus that is quite closely knit and exceedingly friendly seems truly random in the most shocking sort of way.

My thoughts are with the families of those injured and dead.


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