Students Hold Vigil for Va. Tech Victims


Students Hold Vigil for Va. Tech Victims


By David Xia

Approximately 300 students, faculty, and administrators gathered together at the sundial last night for a candlelight vigil held in memory of the 32 victims of the Virginia Tech shootings.

University Chaplain Jewelnel Davis delivered a message of inspiration and hope to those gathered at the base of the sundial. Davis said that during this time of national mourning, it was crucial for members of the Columbia community to band together in solidarity and offer their condolences and prayers to those grieving over Virginia Tech.

"Life will always overcome the darkness of hate, despair, and violence," Davis said.

The undergraduate student councils provided 1,500 white candles, according to Ana Ortiz, CC '07 and Columbia College Student Council vice president of campus life, who spoke at the event.

As the candles were lit and the flames passed along in silent respect, those in attendance exchanged glances of support.

"We who believe in learning believe in hope," Davis said. "Light, when it is shared, overcomes darkness and spreads more light."

Only the soft pattering of the drizzling rain was audible as attendees, heads lowered in respect, observed a moment of silence.

Ortiz stated the names of the 32 students who were killed.

"One great thing about the Columbia community is that when a horrible incident like this happens, we are able to come together as a family," Dean of Student Affairs Chris Colombo said after the event.

For Mark Johnson, CC '09 and vice president of the CCSC class of 2009, the shootings in Blacksburg, Va. struck very close to home. Johnson, whose hometown is Virginia Beach, said it was unsettling to see such a tragedy occur at a place he considers home. "I'm happy we had something like this. It allowed me to vent," he said.


Photo By: Key Nguyen

Original Source: Columbia Spectator
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