The Hokie Nation Stood


The Hokie Nation Stood


The Hokie Nation Stood

On a cold April morning
A shock went through the campus
Two of their number were gone
The Hokie Nation woke up

Hours later, as the leaders tried
To make sense of what was happening
Word came of more tragedy
The Hokie Nation came to its feet

Throughout the day and into the night
They stood with each other for support
They stood by around the world waiting for news
The Hokie Nation stood together

The next day
They were standing in the Cassell and in the Lane
They were standing with candles on the Drill Field
The Hokie Nation was standing firm

They stood to remember those who were no longer among them
They stood to console to those who suffered
They stood to show the world
The Hokie Nation will always stand

Decades from now
The April morning will be a few lines in a history book
The pain of the memorials will have faded
The Hokie Nation will still be standing

SKS - VT'78
April 18, 2007


Stuart Sutphin




Stuart Sutphin




Stuart Sutphin, “The Hokie Nation Stood,” The April 16 Archive, accessed August 22, 2017,