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Crowd listening to the Convocation speakers

kids listening to the convocation speakers

kids listening to the convocation speakers

By Galen Moore/Daily News staff
Fri Apr 20, 2007, 12:55 AM EDT

WESTBOROUGH - Andrew Dyche is safe, but for 30 terrifying minutes Monday his mother, Amy Belue, didn't know it.

Dyche, a 2003 graduate of Westborough High School, will…

By Messenger Post and wire reports
Posted: Apr 18, 01:00 PM EDT

On a campus proud of its unity, the gunman's anger and detachment alarmed those around him.

While parents of a 2004 Irondequoit High School graduate learned their son escaped…

When the events of April 16 happened, I was sitting in school, not aware of what was going on. As soon as I got to my eighth period class, which was English 4 with Mr. Lloyd, I sat down and was looking for my pen. A friend of mine walked into class…

One of victims in Virginia Tech shooting rampage Monday is Prof Liviu Librescu, senior researcher at university. Librescu was killed after he stayed behind his class to block door and protect students. Massacre claimed lives of 32 people


Apr 18th, 2007 by Ryan Lanham

This day, two days after the shootings at Virginia Tech, is a day of broken hearts. The eyes of those who love the place realize it is now Kent State, like Columbine, as a tragic event, particularly for…

Apr 16th, 2007 by Ryan Lanham

For those who know I am at Virginia Tech, both my family and myself are accounted for and uninvolved in any way in the shooting.

Local sources (channel 7) report 22 dead. (see update at least…

Published: Monday, April 16, 2007 10:42 PM CDT

BLACKSBURG, VA. | Sara Marchese was studying alone in her dorm room lounge when the quiet Monday morning was shattered by an announcement over the Virginia…