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A gift from the University of Texas Austin and Texas A&M University.

Back of t-shirt with the words:
"The eyes of Texas are upon you...
For your spirit can ne'er be told
In time of greatest tragedy
You have a hand to hold."


A gift from the University of Texas Austin and Texas A&M University.

Front of t-shirt with words:

"Orange and maroon support orange and maroon.
We remember 04.16.07"

Susan Hill sent the following email explaining the signifigance of this…

After the tragedy, the Hershey Company donated 7,500 pounds of orange and maroon chocolate kisses to Virginia Tech.

Christiansburg resident David Cunningham made this laser etched marble scene of the candlelight vigil on the drillfield.

This handkerchief was sent with a letter from an inmate in Florida saying that the tragedy had made him love all people more. Although in the same pattern, each hand-drawn angel dove is slightly different.

This VT ribbon made out of paper cranes was recently sent to Virginia Tech's from Elon College in North Carolina with wishes for healing.

On display at the Perspective Gallery.

This flag was flown at half-mast beside the Statue of Liberty and then sent to Virginia Tech by the Department of the Interior.

These paper hearts, each with a hand-written message of support, were available for visitors on the opening day of the April 16 exhibit in the Perspective Gallery.

This letter from the Vice President for Student Affairs, Zenobia Lawrence Hikes, hung at the entrance to the Perspective Gallery in Squires.

This wood carving was one of four items hanging outside of the Perspective Gallery in Squires. It was created by an artist from Dickerson County, Virginia to honor Professor Librescu. It is made from the same kind of curly maple used for Gibson…