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A Reuters cameraman films students walking across the drillfield.

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Though reporters roamed the campus, many were confined to the far back end of campus, in the parking lot of the convention center. CNN's two main reporters can be seen sitting at left, facing a camera. The one on the left had begun crying on air…

The parking lot of the convention center bristled with satellite dishes. Dozens, maybe hundreds, sprouted from the tops of the vans.

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An reporter pauses, thinking, while talking with a Tech student.

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Posted Tuesday, April 17th, 2007 at 1:43 AM by Justin

I hate it how, whenever we have a national tragedy, journos just eat it up. The TV stations make logos for it, and slogans like "Massacre at Virginia Tech" that become ominous jingles as the…

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Topics like these are always hard to approach. For some, the event holds particular weight, either because of their relationship with the victims, with the assailant, with the location where it takes place, or because of the…

This is a clip on the Virginia Tech shooting from April 18, 2006. It ran on 'Morning Ireland' show on the Irish radio station RTE 1. It featured an interview between myself and Irish journalist Robert Shortt on the drillfield which took place…

Sign in front of Burruss Hall reading 'VT Stay Strong Media Stay Away.' By around this time I was sensing that this sentiment was shared by growing numbers of this community. Photo taken April 19, 2007.

The students left and the media arrived. they were everywhere. Any piece of grass or slab of concrete was fair game.

Sign affixed to doors of Torgersen Hall. By the time that this photo was taken, virtually all buildings on campus had signs like this on all entrances. Photo taken Friday, April 20.