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Posted On: April 16th, 2007

Normally that would take at least a couple days.

The sad state of the domain squatting industry, and society in general, is that after a horrible shooting a bunch of "business people" sprint to grab up every VT…

Submitted by JohnMaxfield on Tue, 04/17/2007 - 7:30am.

Would this have happened at a school like Hampden-Sydney? That is the question.

And the answer must be dealt with delicately, in the aftermath of such a horrendous massacre that hopefully…

Arms Control Begins at Home

April 29, 2007 at 3:28 pm · Filed under Virginia Tech, compassion, meditation, violence

I need to be hit with a ton of bricks for a message to sink in. For a long time I've spoken about gun control, nuclear…

by D. Grant Haynes Thursday, Apr. 19, 2007 at 2:10 PM

The senseless murder of 32 people at Virginia Tech underlines once again the necessity for stricter gun control laws in the United States.

Americans are busily soul searching one more time…

Posted Tuesday, April 17th, 2007 at 1:43 AM by Justin

I hate it how, whenever we have a national tragedy, journos just eat it up. The TV stations make logos for it, and slogans like "Massacre at Virginia Tech" that become ominous jingles as the…

By a4g
Point Five Staff Writer @ 4:51 pm
April 16, 2007


Fears Raised That Details Of Shooting Might Be Released Into Context-Free Void


A massacre at Virginia Tech took the lives of 32 on Monday. But as the sun set, and sketchy…

Tom DeLay
Former Tennessee Senator and potential presidential candidate Fred Thompson had a very interesting article in the National Review on April 20th entitled, "Signs of Intelligence?" which dealt with concealed carry laws on the Virginia Tech…

Why must we pay the price
For others sins and vice?
As I lay dying here, I cry.
I wonder, Why, why, why?
~Joseph M. Skipsey, April 23rd, 2007

Of Shooters and Schools

Can video games make kids more violent? A new study employing…

by SamiSunshine

That is a prime example of colleges not looking into the right cases and not checking up on people. Once Cho started to stalk people, he should have been expelled. They seem to spend more time fighting underage drinking than sexual…


Today was by far the most trying day I've experienced in my life. On April 16, 2007 33 people were killed, with 15 more wounded on the Virginia Tech Campus. I know that this is likely not new information, but I repeat it just to add strength to…