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A year ago was the sound – the piercing shriek that split the silence.

In the midst of its stunning noise, even though we were far from its source that day, we stood still, mouths agape and minds blank – living for unimaginable lifetimes…


The Hokie stones on the drillfield before the permanent memorial was built

A sign posted on a door to Cheatham Hall directing students from Norris to their new classrooms in the aftermath

Free bear hugs set up in the Cheatham Hall student lounge shortly after Apr 16 2007

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The sun shining over the tent full of memorials on the Drillfield one evening

One of the signs that went up on the buildings around campus shortly after Apr 16 directing the media to stay out of the campus buildings

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View of the April 16 memorial with Burruss Hall in the background. Photo taken April 17, 2008.

Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0

Flags at Blacksburg Baptist Church

Photo taken by Min Jae Lee, 9.18.2007

Photo taken at Blacksburg Baptist Church 9.18.2007

Photo by Min Jae Lee